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the dark side
where suspense
is contrasted
by the
sexual and erotic
the characters
of this
graphic novel
el lado oscuro de las
historias del


An explosive and erotic novel, for its images, for its story, for the intrigue it encloses, for the secrets it denounces. Politics and eroticism are intertwined in Poder Asesino, a tremendously satirical and violent graphic story that takes us back to Mexican contemporary history: corruption, injustice, enforced disappearances, impunity, assassinations, femicide, the link between the State with drug cartels and the excesses of those who hold power.

The struggle for power is what moves the characters in this story. President Héctor Ruiz is now in the last year of his administration. Supported by the army and the media, he prepares himself to make all kind of corruptive practices and assassinations to keep owning what he claims to be his property: the country and its people.

Poder Asesino is the first Augmented Reality Graphic Novel in Mexico. Readers have an active roll, using a mobile device they will be able to scan the novel's printed pages to visualize, if desired, character animations, newspaper clips, poems, videos and music, all of these over the printed pages.

Contraportada Poder Asesino Portada Poder Asesino

Luis Kelly

Luis Kelly is born on November 1st in Mexico City.

His debut as filmmaker is with “Calacan”, which has remained in the public’s taste and has become a cult film due to its daring aesthetic proposal that is nourished by Posada’s design and the Mexican popular prints. “Alex Lora: Esclavo del Rocanrol”, is amongst his films, an authentic rock documentary.

Luis Kelly has also been co-producer in several national and international films and is now working on two cinematographic projects: “La máscara de María” in production process, and “No lo sé”, in postproduction stage.

As a photographer he has traveled with his camera through out a large portion of the Mexican territory, portraying the reality of the forgotten, the poor Mexico, which nobody looks at.

Luis Kelly is screenplay writer and now his interest in the image has led him to the graphic novel with “Poder Asesino” (2015) and “La Surtidora” (2016) a story of battles and adventures.

Check out his work here:

Luis Kelly

In the author's words...

Poder Asesino is a current issue mirror that tries to push readers towards a critical reflection and to recover our memory.

The idea came out one day, when I was going through hemerographic and literary material that I’m used to highlight, organize and classify by topics, habit that satisfies my curious appetite. That day I noticed I had a vast amount of newspaper material regarding events that had impacted Mexico in the late years. I realized they were events that overcame any crime fiction. I decided to use all that information to create a story, a fiction based on real characters and events.

I am an image lover and filmmaker by profession. Hardened follower of the contemporary history of our country, which I have lived, portrayed, suffered and in moments deeply regretted. Poder Asesino is my first graphic novel, a format in which I found the way to express my interpretation of the events I present in the novel.

This is an

Interactive Graphic Novel

It incorporates the use of

Augmented Reality

to display additional content over printed

Starting from the book cover
and throughout the novel you will



character animated Clips,


animated clips,


out loud,

fragments of

Literary and Musical

works, etc.

Poder Asesino is supported with Augmented Reality technology. This means that readers can access character animated clips, newspaper clips, poems and music with any mobile device.

More than 20 interactions during the whole narrative provide a documentary support, contextualize the novel in the Mexican reality and add a cinematographic approach to the story. Nevertheless, this additional content is not necessary, because if the reader does not access to it, he will still enjoy the entire reading, without having blanks in the story. The clips and additional content increase the narrative experience and take the reading one step further.

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